End of Another Adventure... Back to New York

Another wonderful experience led by Ellen Lieberman!

It's always remarkable to come across a true theatre family, because you can't imagine so much love in a work environment until you actually feel it. There's a reason why the majority of the cast of Shrew have worked with Ellen before, and it's mutual love. Ellen keeps inviting the family back for another summer, and the family keeps answering YES, many a dozen times over.

Connecticut Free Shakespeare performs on the lawn of the great old Stratford Festival Theatre, in Stratford, CT. The building itself is dilapidated and haunted by the ghosts of actors past, including Catherine Hepburn, whose photos sit collecting dust all over the lobby. The outdoor theatre is picturesque on the Housatonic River, and audiences flocked in the hundreds every night to see the show. On our last performance, which was unfortunately rained out, the lawn was full of audience members waiting for the performance under umbrellas and ponchos, happy to sit through two hours of Shakespeare in the rain. What a joy!

Here's a picture of me in my costume. More pictures to come.

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