The German Party

I am happy to announce that I will be narrating a reading of a play that is very dear to my heart.

My best friend Elisabeth Frankel has written a piece of theatre that is so hauntingly relevant to the political atmosphere in America today, about a group of young Germans reuniting at a New Years Eve party in 1933, as the world changes around them, to discover that they too have changed.

I have read this play dozens of times, and in many drafts, many of which I have personally edited.

We put together an amazing production team, made up entirely of women, and I'm honored to reveal the phenomenal cast and creative team. Also, please check out the graphics below, all designed by me! Photography by Kermit Mercado. Featured models are Meg Aldridge and CJ Eldred.

Hannah Rosenthal Productions

Invites You to a Reading of


By Elisabeth Frankel


Mike Faist (Dear Evan Hansen)

Jonathan Gordon (Incident at Vichy)

Charlotte Maltby (Starting Here, Starting Now)

Colby Minifie (Long Day's Journey Into Night)

Conor Ryan (John & Jen)

Emily Skeggs (Fun Home)

Izzie Steele (Cloud Nine)

Directed by Estephania Fadul

Associate Producer: Devon Compton

Monday, May 23rd at 3PM

Pearl Studios. 519 8th Ave, 12th floor. Studio D.


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