Classes this Spring

I started the year off right in the most illuminating class at HB Studio in the West Village.

The name of the class was Plays in Process Lab, taught by the singular Jessica Hecht. I've admired her as an actress since I saw her in A View From the Bridge opposite Liev Schreiber, and then again in Fiddler this year, so I hastily signed up for the class, not even taking note of the subject matter. Jessica was a wonderful teacher, soft-spoken, caring and detail-oriented, but the real joy of the class was working with two brilliant playwrights on their brand new un-published work. The format of the class was six three-hour table-reads of a new work each by Christopher Shinn, and Martyna Majok. I took particular interest in Martyna's work, and was able to see one of her plays at the Rattlestick before it closed, which was truly illuminating. I love classes that are held in a discussion format, where students are encouraged to learn as much from each other as from their teacher. It felt like I was back in school, surrounded by such talented people, but it was also the first time I have been in class with people of such varying ages.

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